Wildlife Hedge

During the period when Nursery Row Park was bordered to the north by a car park, Nursery Row Park’s wildlife hedge formed a natural northern edge to the park. The Friends of Nursery Row Park used traditional techniques to “lay” the hedge – see here for more information

The wildlife hedge is important as a sanctuary for birds and a green corridor for animals to travel safely between the Community Orchard and the trees on Brandon Street. In the summer, the hedge should be a lush place for animals and birds to rest. In autumn, the berries (hawthorn, sloe and others) should provide a valuable source of food for them.

Part of the hedge was laid in the traditional English way, with experts from BTCV passing on their skills to the community. Other sections were then planted up for future laying.

Unfortunately, the construction of the Base17 development involved destruction of most of the hedge. The Friends are working with the developer to make sure the new hedge that has been planted can in the future again be the lush place for birds and animals to rest….

The wildlife hedge in May 2012 and April 2013

Volunteers laying the hedge in 2009