Our Park

Welcome to Nursery Row Park

The park is located in Walworth nestled between Brandon, Stead, Orb Streets and the famous East street market.  It is approximately 1.76 hectares of public green space and includes 2 playground areas, a wildlife meadow and a community orchard.  It is central to the community and forms part of the lungs of the area.

For a detailed report on the ecological importance of our park, click here.


Who are the Friends?

The Friends of Nursery Row Park (FoNRP) is a voluntary community group, open to all, which formed in Autumn 2007. Protecting the park was, and is, its primary goal. They partner with Southwark Council, local tenants’ and residents’ associations and other community groups to protect and enhance the park.  FoNRP organise regular community events every 2-3 months in the park. The group is always keen to meet new people who want to get involved.  Click here for more information.

who are the friends

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in projects and events for the park and have a say in your community.  Come to one of our events or volunteer your time.  Friends meetings usually occur once a month and everyone is welcome.  Click here for more meeting details.  Help is always appreciated, even an hour a month can be very helpful to us, and no offers will be refused!  Contact us for more details.

get involved