Flowers Bed

Our surveys of people who use the park have told us that nearly everyone wants to see more colour and more flowers in the park. Plants have to be chosen carefully, however, because it is very difficult to water plants as there is no local water source. The Friends and the community have planted over 2,000 daffodil bulbs, as well as many tulips, alliums and crocuses over the last five years. An important task every autumn is to divide and separate clumps of daffodils that have got congested – this is particularly important for the group south of the pub on Brandon Street.

We look after the bed in the path on Brandon Street as well as the four planters by East Street. We have had great success with hollyhocks, but the rain in 2012 helped a fungal disease (rust) take hold and they were less good. As of 2015 they are back with a vengeance!

Nursery Row Park Community Gardening Days

Friends of Nursery Row Park hold monthly Gardening Work Days and encourage volunteers to come and help maintain the different areas of the park. No experience is necessary, see the Events pages for the next scheduled Work Day!