Future Strategy

Naseem Khan

We were delighted that Naseem Khan OBE worked with the Friends of Nursery Row Park during the last four months of 2011 to develop a future strategy for the park, “Nursery Row Park – the Heart of the Community”. To see her report, click here. She concludes that the role that Nursery Row Park could play in the life of its locality is undeniable and valuable, and so is its relevance to both local and national policy priorities. In particular she recommends that:

  1. The park builds on its core character of biodiversity by developing its role as a site for local health and well-being, capitalising on its strength in providing a natural environment. To do so we need to create active partnerships with local stakeholders – education, health, environment, business and culture – and this needs a worker, and links with appropriate organisations that could provide a co-management service should be explored (including BOST.)
  2. That becoming a registered charity (or a CIC) would help substantially with fundraising as many grants are only available to these bodies.
  3. That the Friends and Southwark Council establish a clearer picture of the respective rights and duties of themselves and the borough with regard to the park. It is to everyone’s advantage for the Friends to be acknowledged locally as having a responsible and respected role, but that the parameters be articulated.
  4. That signage and interpretation gets high priority, and that links with East Street Market be maximised.
  5. That actions be set in motion to address the problems of dogs and of drinkers – an education programme for the former and joint collaboration between social services, police, park rangers for the latter.
  6. That consideration be given to green gym equipment, possibly dispersed around the park (as in Kennington Park) so as to avoid corralling exercise into one corner.

The Friends are working to develop an action plan to act on these recommendations in 2012 – we need your help and ideas too so please get in touch!

Working with London College of Communication

London College of Communication BA students at the Elephant & Castle, Eglé, Katia, Brigid, Jasmine & Mike, worked with course tutor Paul Bailey, Naseem Khan, Åbäke design partnership (http://abake.fr/) and the Friends of Nursery Row Park to develop a park identity to support future strategy.  Examples of the ongoing project can be found here.

Working with the Volunteer Centre Southwark

In 2011 we were fortunate enough to have a group of corporate volunteers work in the park.  This was facilitated through the Volunteer Centre Southwark’s Involve Programme.  We aim to continue working with their team for more Volunteer Days.

Photos from the work done in 2011 can be found here. Not working! Delete?