Nursery Row Park – the green heart of Walworth

The Friends of Nursery Row Park are local residents and workers who initially came together in 2007 to defend the park from the threat of development. As the Elephant and Castle continues with its regeneration it seemed certain that new housing (the need for which is fully supported by the group) would encroach on to the Park itself, destroying the community orchard and more. The Friends group quickly mobilised around this and in the summer of 2010 received official confirmation that the new developments will not take away any park space, and in 2013 the designation of the park as a Field in Trust.

The Friends strive to ensure the park stays intact through ongoing campaigning, community events and collaboration with other groups which have similar aims. Successful applications for funding have resulted in a number of improvements; perhaps the most notable has been the installation of a new play area, and our Green Flag Park designation.

The Friends are a voluntary, not-for-profit group who rely on people getting involved to make a difference.

Click here for the official constitution of the group.

If you can spare a little time, please join us by going to Get Involved or attending one of our Events.

Let’s make the park better, together!