26 February 2018

Present: David Curtis (Chair), Jon Dennison, Ghislaine Granger (Secretary), Luke Miller (Treasurer), Nicole Beedell, Shelagh Farren, Sarah Waters, Joss Wessling

Apologies: Jim and Stephanie Lodge, Andrew Macalpine


It was noted that Morrisons and Chatelain House sites are the two sites earmarked as future development sites in Walworth.

Nursery Row Park is noted for designation as a SINC (Site of Interest for Nature Conservation) of Borough Importance, which is great news as it would also mean change of status from Other Open Space to Borough Open Land. It is noted that SINC status is not for life, it is re-assessed every few years, hence the need to keep being active and maintaining the park, its wildlife, etc…

The northern part of the park by the orchard is still classified as housing land until now, but this consultation would redesignate it as park if approved.

The deadline was Tuesday 27th February, and we are hopeful that these proposals will all be accepted – FoNRP made a formal comment as part of the consultation.


It would be useful if people could make a list of websites (or parts of it) they like or don’t like to have examples; make a list of elements we think could be improved.

It should be made very easy to update by the group.

Everyone agreed that more photos would be good, and also with a design allowing more people to contribute and load their photos; more links to sites showing that Nursery Row Park is part of a bigger whole (other parks in the areas, green links, Walworth farm…)

Maybe more links to social media (twitter…)


London Business School will send volunteers on 17th March. Probably 8-10 people per session, for two sessions (morning and afternoon). Suggestions for tasks:

  •  mulching orchard (we have 3 new wheelbarrows)
  •  hedging on the border with Winch House and Jardin House, where their communal garden between the two buildings is
  • boxes around the girders to tidy

Lack of equipment could be an issue to keep all these people busy, and it is same day as normal work day.

Walworth Farm should be linked to our website, could come and give us consultation about our trees in orchard and best way to prune them, deal with them.


  • Summer Festival Grant: Shelagh suggests John calls them to ask if we can apply for the event on 19th May as it is not exactly in their given period (June – September). Read Creative Southwark guidelines, and we need to draft a paragraph that responds to their criteria. Deadline is 5th Joss and Ghislaine are happy to read the draft from Luke.
  • Elephant and Castle Community Fund: Luke suggested we don’t apply, as their criteria doesn’t currently correspond to our proposals. But we could think of activities that could address this for the next round. We need to look at their website and see examples of what they have funded before. Suggestion was made at the meeting of tea dance for older residents. Deadline: 10th April
  • United St Saviours’ Charity: Engagement programme. Have kindly supported events we have held in the past before. Deadline 29th


Next FoNRP event is on 19th May. As usual, there will be birds of prey, animals from Surrey Docks Farm, clown, dog show, face painter, music

Jon has booked most of these things already.

Dog show leader not yet confirmed.

We need acoustic music. Some suggestions were made in the meeting, to be followed. Maybe a choir group from Artworks? Some African Drummers that Shelagh mentioned. Music should last 30 minutes.

Cinema Museum might have suggestions.

6 – AOB

  • Play equipment: installation of new climbing frame starts 5th March
  • Nicole mentioned that the fence by Park View is damaged – Jon to remove.
  • New lights currently being installed in the park
  • Shelagh suggested to bring sports groups to play with the kids: football, rugby… Southwark football team might be interested, trainers are employed by Southwark – could be a good way of encouraging involvement and use of the park by local children
  • Next workday: 17th March (note last Sat of the month due to LBS volunteer day)
  • Next meeting: 26th March